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 Beppu is blessed with the bounty of the sea and the mountains. Come enjoy the mouth-watering specialties of Kannawa
Savor delicious fresh seafood from Beppu Bay and the Bungo Straits. Seki-aji (horse mackerel), Seki-saba (chub mackerel), Shiroshita-karei (flounder), and prawns from Himeshima.

Also, Oita Prefecture's own Bungo beef must not be missed! Our chef uses the finest local ingredients to create dishes to fit the season. And don't forget to try the specialty of Kannawa, food steamed with hot spring steam. It is called jigoku-mushi. It's not only delicious, it's nutritious, too.

■The Specialty of Kannawa: Jigoku-mushi.

Jigoku-mushiRich in history, Kannawa is the oldest of the 8 major hot spring districts in Beppu. Using the hot spring steam, Jigoku-mushi is a traditional method of preparing food in this area. We offer steamed dishes as part of our kaiseki. You are more than welcome to make additional orders as well.

We accept orders for 2 or more people, but you are advised to make reservations in advance.
 (*The photo is just one example of what may be served)

■A Meal for Any Season: Japanese kaiseki

Japanese kaisekiUsing ingredients that are in season, our kaiseki is great for parties and gatherings. Be sure to try the fresh local fish.

 (*The photo is just one example of what may be served)

■The Flavor of Oita: Seki-saba

Famous throughout Japan, Seki-saba (chub mackerel) is in season in fall and winter. Not just any old mackerel, you have to taste Seki-saba to understand just how good it is.

You are advised to make reservations in advance.


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