Mifare Food Hot Springs Rooms
 Beppu, Oita Prefecture
 Oita means "Land of Plenty"
▲Beppu and Oita viewed from the Jumonjibaru Lookout
▲Beppu at dusk
About Oita and Beppu
Oita is 70% forests and mountains from which the plentiful hot springs bubble forth. Oita is also proud of its bountiful seafood, such as the Seki brand mackerel and horse mackerel caught in the Bungo Straights. Beppu is world-famous for its onsens and natural beauty.
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There is so much to see around Beppu. Whether you are traveling by bus, car or train, there is something for everyone. Just watching the mountains and the bay change over the seasons is enjoyable in itself!
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 Beppu Area Tourist Attractions
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Times from the Hotel…

African Safari…30 minutes by car
Umi Tamago/Mt. Takasaki…35 minutes by car
Ohga Farm…40 minutes by car
Kijima Amusement Park…20 minutes by car
Sumiyoshi Beach…45 minutes by car
Harmony Land…20 minutes by car
Wonder Rakutenchi Amusement Park…15 minutes by car

●Beppu no Mori Golf Club …50 minutes by car
Kijima Korakuen Country Club …20 minutes by car
●Beppu International Golf Club, Ogiyama Course … 5 minutes by car

●Beppu Station…15 minutes by car
●Kamegawa Station…12 minutes by car
●Yufuin Station…40 minutes by car
●Oita Airport…60 minutes by car

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