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 Hotel Fugetsu Hammond is located in the Kannawa District of Beppu
▲Hot spring steam at dusk
▲Kannawa and Mt. Ogiyama
▲Jigoku-mushi: Local Steam Ovens
Kannawa Hot Springs date back to the Kamakura Period (1276). It all started when the monk Ippen Shonin came to Beppu by boat from Shikoku.

At that time, the entire Kannawa area was an untapped steaming bubbling “hell,” which made for very difficult living for the citizens in the area. It is said that Ippen Shonin prayed at the foot of Mt. Tsurumi for 21 days. He then wrote passages of scripture onto rocks both large and small and threw them into the bubbling hell. The overactive hot spot subsided and Ippen went on to open a number of hot springs in the area: Mushi-Yu, Shiba-no-Yu, Netsu-no-Yu and many more. This was the start of Kannawa as a destination for tourists and those seeking remedies from the therapeutic waters.

Ippen Shonin's name still remains in many place names including the beach were he landed, Shonin-ga-hama.
The best way to experience Kannawa is on foot. Our owner, Mr. Kai, is one of the official walking tour guides so feel free to ask him about the best places to go in Kannawa.
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 Hotel Fugetsu Hammond: Area Map
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Hotel Fugetsu is located in the historic Kannawa area where guests can enjoy old-fashioned sights, sounds and aromas. Why not walk through town in your robe and sample some of the hot springs?
Try a pork dumpling or a rice cracker, specialties of the Kannawa area. Before long, you will find yourself adjusting to Kannawa time. Enjoy!
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