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 Hotel Fugetsu Hammond : Our Hot Springs
 Steeped in history, Kannawa is one of the oldest of the 8 major hot spring areas in Beppu.
Surrounded by geothermal “Hells,” the hot water that bubbles forth from Kannawa has effectively been used to treat ailments for centuries.

The main element in our hot spring is sodium chloride.
It is good for relieving stress and leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth.
Come enjoy our bath while you gaze at the beautiful hot spring steam

Hotel Fugetsu Hammond has 2 baths: a large indoor bath and an outdoor bath on the roof.
The women's indoor bath is lined with large stones while the men’s bath is made of sandstone.
It also has a sauna.
The views of Beppu Bay and Mt. Takasaki from the rooftop bath are spectacular. You may also want to catch an early bath and watch the sunrise.

▲Rooftop Bath (Women's)
▲Rooftop Bath (Men's)
▲Indoor Bath (Women's)
▲Indoor Bath (Men's)
Watching the sky change colors as it gets dark.
The nighttime views of Beppu from the rooftop bath can't be missed.
The boats on the bay sparkle like stars in the sky.
There are also 2 more hot springs available for your bathing pleasure.
  • Yumetamatebako: 10 kinds of baths including outdoor baths, waterfall baths, bubble jet baths and more. A new bath with an old-time feel.
  • Mifare: Private baths. Enjoy a bath all to yourselves. 8 types of baths including cypress baths and stone baths.
Hotel Fugetsu Hammond, 158-2 Kitaju, Beppu, Oita 874-0845
TEL: 0977(66)4141 / FAX: 0977(66)1232
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