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 Hotel Fugetsu Hammond Rooms

The rooms at Hotel Fugetsu Hammond are designed for your ultimate comfort and relaxation.

You'll feel right at home. Stretch out and relax after a meal, a bath or a Fangotica massage. No one will disturb you.

Enjoy precious time with the friends and family in one of our spacious rooms.
▲Japanese style room
▲Western style room (Triple shown here)
Hotel Fugetsu Hammond is located in the Kannawa district of Beppu. Surrounded by hot spring steam in the hills of Kannawa, you can look down on spectacular views of Beppu Bay or turn around to enjoy the gorgeous vistas of Mount Tsurumi.

The views from our rooms and our outdoor bath will take your breath away. And to make your say even more pleasant, our rooms and facilities are all barrier-free.
▲First Floor Lounge
▲Hot spring steam as viewed from the hotel
▲Western style room (Twin with seaside views)
▲Our lobby uses barrier-free universal design
Make yourself at home at Hotel Fugetsu Hammond
Hotel Fugetsu Hammond, 158-2 Kitaju, Beppu, Oita 874-0845
TEL: 0977(66)4141 / FAX: 0977(66)1232
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